Saturday, May 29, 2010

First day at healthworks

Hi Everyone,
Yesterday I started my three day free pass at Healthworks in Porter Square, and I really liked it. Its a very nice club (clean, well stocked and really nice staff) I also liked the fact they have a whirl pool, which i didn't try yet but might try either today or tomorrow (cause thats always a nice thing)

Just did a workout on my own yesterday. Started with 20 min / 2miles on the eliptical.
Then did some weights
Did three rounds of
Bosu squats w/ 15lbs (15 reps)
Bosu lungs no weights (20 total)
Kettle bell dead lifts w/ 20lbs (15 reps)

Next three rounds
Bosu push ups (10 reps)
Chest flies on blue ball w/ 15lbs (15 reps)
Renagade push ups w/ tricep kick backs w/7.5lbs (10 reps total)

next three rounds
shoulder pull downs (15 reps)
kettle bell swings (20 total)

ok....i'm totally blanking on what else i did next...darn it!

finished off using the arc machine for 10 min. That thing kicks your butt

all i can say is I was burned when i was done.

later :O)

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