Saturday, May 22, 2010

Awesome day

Hi everyone,
just wrapping up a great day outside with E. Went hiking at Blue Hills Reservation in Milton ma.

It was a beutiful day to go and it was a great intro...or re-intro in hiking since it was pretty flat. I bought these lovely boots last year and am now determined to use them to their at least now i can chonicle my comings and goings :0)

We ended up going for about 2 hrs so we were pretty hungry and tired when it was all said and done. So we came back to somerville and went to Chipotle. Which is always tasty. Had a burrito bowl for the first time. So much easier to eat then the burrito since you don't have to spend the entire time making sure it doesn't fall on your lap.

After lunch we decided to take a trip to lush in harvard square. For those that aren't familiar with Lush, it is the most fabulous and adictive store in the world. I use their face wash, among other things daily (angles on bare skin) I love the store because its semi - natural materials in the soap and it works well. They are also adictive because they frequently have deals which prompt you to purchase even more....and get free stuff in the process. (i'm such a sucker) Today was a low purchase day for me though...just bought soap (sea vegatable and porriage (which i haven't tried yet)) But cause E bought more now have a chocolate cupcake face mask to try....probably will get adicted to yet another product but oh well (i don't really mind)

Below is a picture of sea vegatable soap....isn't it pretty?????

also just finished making chocolate covered coconut bananas....can you say mmmmmm?

thank you for all the fabulous food ideas.

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