Saturday, May 29, 2010

First day at healthworks

Hi Everyone,
Yesterday I started my three day free pass at Healthworks in Porter Square, and I really liked it. Its a very nice club (clean, well stocked and really nice staff) I also liked the fact they have a whirl pool, which i didn't try yet but might try either today or tomorrow (cause thats always a nice thing)

Just did a workout on my own yesterday. Started with 20 min / 2miles on the eliptical.
Then did some weights
Did three rounds of
Bosu squats w/ 15lbs (15 reps)
Bosu lungs no weights (20 total)
Kettle bell dead lifts w/ 20lbs (15 reps)

Next three rounds
Bosu push ups (10 reps)
Chest flies on blue ball w/ 15lbs (15 reps)
Renagade push ups w/ tricep kick backs w/7.5lbs (10 reps total)

next three rounds
shoulder pull downs (15 reps)
kettle bell swings (20 total)

ok....i'm totally blanking on what else i did next...darn it!

finished off using the arc machine for 10 min. That thing kicks your butt

all i can say is I was burned when i was done.

later :O)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Awesome day

Hi everyone,
just wrapping up a great day outside with E. Went hiking at Blue Hills Reservation in Milton ma.

It was a beutiful day to go and it was a great intro...or re-intro in hiking since it was pretty flat. I bought these lovely boots last year and am now determined to use them to their at least now i can chonicle my comings and goings :0)

We ended up going for about 2 hrs so we were pretty hungry and tired when it was all said and done. So we came back to somerville and went to Chipotle. Which is always tasty. Had a burrito bowl for the first time. So much easier to eat then the burrito since you don't have to spend the entire time making sure it doesn't fall on your lap.

After lunch we decided to take a trip to lush in harvard square. For those that aren't familiar with Lush, it is the most fabulous and adictive store in the world. I use their face wash, among other things daily (angles on bare skin) I love the store because its semi - natural materials in the soap and it works well. They are also adictive because they frequently have deals which prompt you to purchase even more....and get free stuff in the process. (i'm such a sucker) Today was a low purchase day for me though...just bought soap (sea vegatable and porriage (which i haven't tried yet)) But cause E bought more now have a chocolate cupcake face mask to try....probably will get adicted to yet another product but oh well (i don't really mind)

Below is a picture of sea vegatable soap....isn't it pretty?????

also just finished making chocolate covered coconut bananas....can you say mmmmmm?

thank you for all the fabulous food ideas.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Hello world
happy friday. I had quite the busy day at work and then went off to the gym to team teach groove with D. I love teaching with D cause a) don't have to kill yourself for a whole class b) its just fun c) teaching is about 100 times more of a workout then just taking class.

Got home late after that and made veggie burger and zuchinni squash mix. Can i say i'm offically in love with my mandolin....makes veggies so much easier. Just baked them with paprika, cumin and pepper. The veggie burgers were blue mango brand and they are amazing I don't know whats in them but they are really thick and hearty. Just right with a little bbq sauce on top.

Now watching the lovely bones and contemplating having a piece of chocolate :0) Perfect way to finish off a friday

Off to hike the blue hills tomorrow. Pictures to follow

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adventures with a mandolin part 2

Hi everyone,
After group step tonight and came home and a hankering for zucchini chips. Pictured above. Completely simple and tasty.
Turn oven on the 400
spray baking sheet with pam
use mandolin to cut zucchini
spread out on baking sheet sprinkle with paprika and pepper
bake for ~30 min...depending on amount and thickness
super tasty and healthy way to get the veggies.....
teaching groove tomorrow with D :0)
so off to bed :0)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday night ass kicking

Hi all,
just got back from workout with trainer C. It was a goody.
Here we go:
Before we met did some leg stretches and 5 min on the elliptical (low intensity setting)
then the fun begins
started with squats on slanted squat machine (no weights....though the machine is pretty heavy anyways)
-2 min on giant stairs medium setting
back to squats with some weight
squats with feet together (worked the outside of the butt...don't know name of muscle....but fabulous workout)
-2 min on giant stairs (started medium setting went to high for 30 seconds....lowered setting then did every other set for 1 min)
squat with feet wide to work inner thigh
moved to back lift machine worked butt and hamstring (trick is to round back.... takes pressure off back and lower to hamstrings)
from table top position pushed leg backward using hamstring machine for weight
then back to previous
moved to mat repeat set twice --- bridge pose (aka hip thrusters)
alternating side crunch twist and leg lift with straight leg
bicycle crunches
plank for 1 min

on to upper body
on stability ball
chest presses
chest fly

assisted chin ups
single leg ups on bench (going from lung position to balanced on one leg one bench with knee up)

back to chest presses / fly / assisted chin ups
regular squat jumps

shoulder presses
side shoulder raises
supported push ups

shoulder presses
side shoulder raises
front shoulder raises

ok.... i think i got it all. Clearly its good that I'm writing this down cause otherwise there is no way I'd remember it (i mean who would remember that) Hope it made sense.... not good with the technical names (obviously) so feel free to ask if unclear

now that I've enjoyed my post workout odwalla super protein chocolate smoothie....time to make some broccoli


Rainy days

Hi Everyone
Its been a couple days since i last wrote. Did not feel the need to update much since i tend to eat the same thing monday thru about a boring read.

I am here now to tell you I actually changed it up (alittle). Today for lunch had my usual salad but added flax, chia and raw cocoa nibs. It was a interesting experience and i could definitely taste it. I bought the chia seeds because i'd been hearing about the awesome health benifits ( and raw cocoa nibs was a whim. But now that i have them i'm kind of excited. So todays use was salade

You can't really see them there but here is a close up.

It was an interesting combination and smelled kind of odd...but was tastey none the less.

As for workouts as of late I did Group Kick (m) and Group Power (t). For those that aren't familiar with the BTS ( All the classes that i've taken are super fun and a really REALLY easy way to get some sort of work out in. I'm even certified in group groove (cause i like to shake my shimmy). They are great fun and if your fitness club has them...get thy butt to a class.

Meeting with trainer C tonight...will report back later on workout :0)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday morning smoothie fail

welcome to mondays. So far today has been an ok work day. Just got back from my lunch (the usual was had....giant salad with can of tuna on top and balsamic vinegar) i'm in a pretty good mood.

This morning was marked by a giant green monster fail...well not completely since i did drink it. Something about the following didn't sit well.
Almond milk
small scoop mixed berries
few pieces of catalope

I think it was the almond milk. This is a new product for me and i think the underlying taste was that (also used ALOT of spinach so was alittle to grainy). I'm not sure how i feel about almond milk. Tried it in an attempt to lower my dairy intake (a la paleo diet) But might just go back to milk after i finish this carton (and the one i bought last night :0( ) At least it works well in my chocolate protein smoothies (or i didn't notice the taste nearly as much)

Anyone have thoughts on almond milk? Or dairy substitutes...much appreciate

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don't forget the fingers

Evening to all
So concert was good... though feel good to be sort of done for the season. Went to trader joes and spent more then usual but got every veg and fruit i could want and now i'm ready for the week.

Ventured to the kitchen. Like i said previously made chicken in frying pan.
On top put paprika
garam massala
white pepper
olive oil
came out good (which is good since i'll be having it for dinner for the next couple of days)
Also still in the process of makeing baked zuchinni, yellow squash and carrots. (on top: olive oil, paprika and garam massala) what can i say i pick a flavor and go with it. The veggies were slow going because i was using my brand new mandolin and sliced my finger open pretty bad (side note: typing with 2 bandaids on a finger is hard) So i had to wait awhile to get the injury under control...but they look good in the flipping thats occured. And for dessert : some trader joes chocolate. It was a splurge :-)

word to the wise. don't go to the grocery store hungry. You'll always buy something you don't need or shouldn't eat. Today i did both...chocolate and expandable sponges. I told you. Not good.

Thats all for now. Back to watching greys anatomy back episode and waiting for the veggies

Concert Sundays

Hi Everyone.
today has been quite lazy so far. Playing a concert at 4, so i've just be lazing around the house and watching TV (for a change). Sometimes its nice just to sit around and relax. Something I don't do every often. I usually am up and out early or at least by i'm having a good time.

I was so not a kitchen wiz this morning. Made bacon and cheese eggs and managed to burn them almost to inedible, (but fortunately not that bad...just a little extra crunchy) For lunch I made minestrone in a can (tasty and not skill necessary), scoop of pb and a fig bar. I'm not going to risk another disaster until this evening. Don't want to tempt fate too much. You'll have to wait and see how i do with the unthawed chicken in my sink.

Pre-concert snack of Omega nut pack from trader joes and i was ready to go.

Yesterday did an awesome gym workout (care of D)
Did three rounds of below...highly recommend it. Awesome and killer

Box jumps (12)
Lungs across floor w/ 5kg plate overhead)
Squats on bosu w/ dumbells (12lbs) (12)
Push ups on Bosu (12)
(Both of these were done with flat part of Bosu facing up)
Lungs forward onto round part of Bosu with Bicep curl (12)
Upright Shoulder Rows standing on round part Bosu (12)
Shoulder Presses on Bosu (12)
Side Lungs over top of bosu (60)
renege rows with triceps kick back
Crunches on Bosu (12)
Scissor on Bosu (24)

Trust me....your legs will thank you after

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Friday

What a day. First my computer at work contracted a virus. So i spend most of the day stareing at the way...sounds like fun right? So i had lots of time to think and do fun errands like call my insurance company and set up my voice mail. I did have fun this morning making my food for the day. Here was my morning snack

and breakfast

Which was a variation of the green monster (Biochem chocolate protien powder, scoop of pb, spinach and banana...with almond milk) completely delicious. I always feel like I eat alot of food but looking back on what it is (mostly fruits and veggies)
*folks let me tell me....thus far the easiest way for weight maintainance eat mostly fruits, veggies and protien trust me you'll feel full and statisfied...i bet you an apple :0)

after a bit more of waiting lunch/ snack / and pre-gym meal came and went

Had an awesome session with C at the gym. I was admittedly nervous to start with a new trainer but geez he kicked my ass. Session started with a super set of core with leg extensions, leg lifts, crisscross crunches and back lifts. Then moved to legs. Did interesting thing with doing strength moves (walking lungs) and power moves (lung jumps) It was a really tough way to do it and killed. Will definitely be doing it again. And finished with pushup, body panck pull ups, pull downs and chest flys...wooooh. I'll be feeling it tomorrow. But its so satifying after a really tough workout to look back and go "damn I did that...i'm awesome" so great to feel powerful.

Had dinner with S+P and peps at John Harvards..tasty, good friends and good chatting.

And on that note i'm going to bed before i completely pass out.

Later gaitor

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello World

For years I have struggled with the hard questions like

"What should I eat?"
How much
How often to exercise...what sort.
how to make healthy meals that work for my body (as an unwilling member of the IBS club)

I finally have started (and believe me I know the road has a way to go)to realize what works for me both nutritionally and physically. So i wanted to document my discoveries in a fun way to look back on later, and maybe share some insights as i find them out myself. And hopefully be able to learn new things from people out in the bloggousphere. (if that's a word)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy following my adventure of self discovery and growth. I know i'll enjoy writing about it.