Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don't forget the fingers

Evening to all
So concert was good... though feel good to be sort of done for the season. Went to trader joes and spent more then usual but got every veg and fruit i could want and now i'm ready for the week.

Ventured to the kitchen. Like i said previously made chicken in frying pan.
On top put paprika
garam massala
white pepper
olive oil
came out good (which is good since i'll be having it for dinner for the next couple of days)
Also still in the process of makeing baked zuchinni, yellow squash and carrots. (on top: olive oil, paprika and garam massala) what can i say i pick a flavor and go with it. The veggies were slow going because i was using my brand new mandolin and sliced my finger open pretty bad (side note: typing with 2 bandaids on a finger is hard) So i had to wait awhile to get the injury under control...but they look good in the flipping thats occured. And for dessert : some trader joes chocolate. It was a splurge :-)

word to the wise. don't go to the grocery store hungry. You'll always buy something you don't need or shouldn't eat. Today i did both...chocolate and expandable sponges. I told you. Not good.

Thats all for now. Back to watching greys anatomy back episode and waiting for the veggies

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