Sunday, May 16, 2010

Concert Sundays

Hi Everyone.
today has been quite lazy so far. Playing a concert at 4, so i've just be lazing around the house and watching TV (for a change). Sometimes its nice just to sit around and relax. Something I don't do every often. I usually am up and out early or at least by i'm having a good time.

I was so not a kitchen wiz this morning. Made bacon and cheese eggs and managed to burn them almost to inedible, (but fortunately not that bad...just a little extra crunchy) For lunch I made minestrone in a can (tasty and not skill necessary), scoop of pb and a fig bar. I'm not going to risk another disaster until this evening. Don't want to tempt fate too much. You'll have to wait and see how i do with the unthawed chicken in my sink.

Pre-concert snack of Omega nut pack from trader joes and i was ready to go.

Yesterday did an awesome gym workout (care of D)
Did three rounds of below...highly recommend it. Awesome and killer

Box jumps (12)
Lungs across floor w/ 5kg plate overhead)
Squats on bosu w/ dumbells (12lbs) (12)
Push ups on Bosu (12)
(Both of these were done with flat part of Bosu facing up)
Lungs forward onto round part of Bosu with Bicep curl (12)
Upright Shoulder Rows standing on round part Bosu (12)
Shoulder Presses on Bosu (12)
Side Lungs over top of bosu (60)
renege rows with triceps kick back
Crunches on Bosu (12)
Scissor on Bosu (24)

Trust me....your legs will thank you after

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