Friday, May 21, 2010


Hello world
happy friday. I had quite the busy day at work and then went off to the gym to team teach groove with D. I love teaching with D cause a) don't have to kill yourself for a whole class b) its just fun c) teaching is about 100 times more of a workout then just taking class.

Got home late after that and made veggie burger and zuchinni squash mix. Can i say i'm offically in love with my mandolin....makes veggies so much easier. Just baked them with paprika, cumin and pepper. The veggie burgers were blue mango brand and they are amazing I don't know whats in them but they are really thick and hearty. Just right with a little bbq sauce on top.

Now watching the lovely bones and contemplating having a piece of chocolate :0) Perfect way to finish off a friday

Off to hike the blue hills tomorrow. Pictures to follow

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