Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday morning smoothie fail

welcome to mondays. So far today has been an ok work day. Just got back from my lunch (the usual was had....giant salad with can of tuna on top and balsamic vinegar) i'm in a pretty good mood.

This morning was marked by a giant green monster fail...well not completely since i did drink it. Something about the following didn't sit well.
Almond milk
small scoop mixed berries
few pieces of catalope

I think it was the almond milk. This is a new product for me and i think the underlying taste was that (also used ALOT of spinach so was alittle to grainy). I'm not sure how i feel about almond milk. Tried it in an attempt to lower my dairy intake (a la paleo diet) But might just go back to milk after i finish this carton (and the one i bought last night :0( ) At least it works well in my chocolate protein smoothies (or i didn't notice the taste nearly as much)

Anyone have thoughts on almond milk? Or dairy substitutes...much appreciate

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