Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rainy days

Hi Everyone
Its been a couple days since i last wrote. Did not feel the need to update much since i tend to eat the same thing monday thru about a boring read.

I am here now to tell you I actually changed it up (alittle). Today for lunch had my usual salad but added flax, chia and raw cocoa nibs. It was a interesting experience and i could definitely taste it. I bought the chia seeds because i'd been hearing about the awesome health benifits ( and raw cocoa nibs was a whim. But now that i have them i'm kind of excited. So todays use was salade

You can't really see them there but here is a close up.

It was an interesting combination and smelled kind of odd...but was tastey none the less.

As for workouts as of late I did Group Kick (m) and Group Power (t). For those that aren't familiar with the BTS ( All the classes that i've taken are super fun and a really REALLY easy way to get some sort of work out in. I'm even certified in group groove (cause i like to shake my shimmy). They are great fun and if your fitness club has them...get thy butt to a class.

Meeting with trainer C tonight...will report back later on workout :0)

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