Thursday, February 3, 2011

How'd I do/ :January edition

I thought since a new month has begun I'd see how I'm doing on my goals for this year thus far. I feel like you have to keep checking back on goals you actually care about because otherwise its easy to get lazy and have long periods of time go by with nothing productive happen.

So blogging - definitely haven't kept to the once a week but did manage 5 posts last that's something in it self. I'll take it....change is all about the baby steps

Cooking - dinner construction wise.. yeah that hasn't been happening. There has been next to no pan usage for dinner menus. Damn. Its a hard one to fit in. Most nights I am just too tired and busy, and the nights that I would have time...I'm out or don't get home in time to cook for everyone..then motivation goes out the window.
In other news...I'm becoming the pro with the cold food prep. I've been really good with rocking hand made lunch's and breakfasts, pretty consistently for the month (helps that I'm trying to be a frugal fanny in addition)

Running - the 1/2 marathon training is underway. I have 2 long runs under my belt. On the docket for this week is 5 miler. Yikes!!!!! the worst part is its gonna be on a treadmill.. Running outside in this weather is a bit too hard core for me at the moment. I keep hoping it will but even as we speak its snowing....what the crap.!
I'm not worried about it yet until i have to be going for well over an hr. then my head might explode with boredom. We'll see.

Yoga - also hasn't been great...not helped by major cough for two weeks. Finally feeling normalish so plan to go to Friday fun bunch yoga at prana....we'll see.

Spinning - on hold till summer

Lets see what the next month holds.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

First "long" run in the bag :)

So I officially commenced with the half marathon training yesterday, and boy did it feel good. I haven't figured out an exact schedule yet, but the plan is to do 2 days of running at least, 1 day of step aerobics and 1 day of yoga...time permitting I'm planning on throwing in a day of intervals and weights...I really have to see how the work load is for anatomy and physiology first.

But yesterday I began.
I decided I wanted to do at least 3miles to start off....since I've done that distance a bunch of times its not a huge stretch to start there. The idea of adding 10miles to my stamina is a little scary but I'll get there.

So I did a treadmill workout yesterday
Ran 3miles (speed between 5.6 and 6.0)
after the three miles continued with walking 1 min, run 1min (6.5 i think...or 6.0 don't remember ) (oops) and did that for the equivalent of .5miles about. Then i power walked up hill for the round out to 4miles. (5 incline, 4.5 speed ...i think) Typical me didn't write down so i don't fully remember...but that's close.

Did all of that in about 50 min...which isn't bad especially since i always seem to go slower on the treadmill. And I'm having a much more slow and steady mentality then a speed mentality for this training. I'll save the speed for the 5Ks :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Holy Crap

Ok, I've offically locked myself in. Just registered for the boston run to remember, so on may 29th I will be toeing the line to run a half marathon regardless of if i'm ready or not. Here's hopeing i can stick to my training plan...ekk!
Cause i didn't pay a fairly large sum of money not to at least try

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Travel day, and Happy Birthday to me :)

Good morning,
Today was not the best start to my 28th year, but I made it. Basically I over slept. Which the OCD person in me hates to do but my phone decided it wanted to search for voice dialing instead of let the alarm go off, so i got two hours more of sleep. there are worse things in life.
Fortunately I woke up in time to get a ride in with my dad, otherwise i would have been very tempted to not go at all. I am actually leaving work in half an hour for the airport. WOOHOO! Because this weekend S and P are getting married. So I'm spending the weekend in new Orleans. Can you tell I'm pretty excited. If you're lucky i might post a picture of me in a Saree. Looking fabulous.
In other news. I actually had a slightly dumb moment when i realized i cook a lot more then I give myself credit for. Since i make my lunch almost every day. I guess I don't consider it cooking to make a salad cause its not hot. But if I made a salad for dinner with the fam, I think i would count it. So I'm re-vamping the goal a little and into trying to cook something hot once a week. Be it breakfast (mmmmm, steel cut oats....lunch, grilled cheese or dinner) but it is still nice to whip out a pan once and awhile. This week I actually make dinner for the oldie and myself. We had these turkey meatballs from trader joes and I made my version of meat ball subs. We didn't exactly have the right ingredients so it wasn't perfect. But still warm and tasty. No pans used....microwave and toaster over friendly. (and still totally counts)

anyways. going to wrap up at work and head out (might stop for fro-yo before i get on the train...that's sounding quite tasty at the moment.)

:) t

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kick ass yoga

Today was a good day. I went to a killer yoga class at power yoga studio in waltham. I have been once before and it was about the same....oh my goodness hard. I like the class but there are so many cresent lungs and push up sequences. And a few things that were a joke for me. I was like..."you've got to be kidding me"

wide leg forward fold (not that bad)
to grasshopper
to crow
shoot back to low pushup.....

that one made me think "ehem...NO!" advanced beginning i still am. But thats why its called yoga practice. I'll get there eventually :)

Yesterday I did the gym. 1 mile run. 1 mile sprints and few weights

It was good. Otherwise not much happening. I enjoyed the offical beginning to the new year :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!
I everyone so I hope that the new year (all 12 hrs of it has started off to a good start) I know that 2010 brought lots of self realizations and discoveries. So I am hoping that 2011 keeps the trend upward to a happy healthier me.

I went back and forth about weather to post actual resolutions....cause saying them out loud makes its a little scary cause then people know if you don't do them. But after some thought i decided that if i don't put them in writing I really won't do them, and i admit them and don't accomplish them I won't be the first person. So here goes.

since I'm new to this i kept it to 5
1) Blog at least once a week. (since i have trouble blogging once a month I figure if i up the anti a little at a time)
2) Go to yoga 3 times a month. (since I'm trying to blog once a week this should be easy to keep track of)
3) Run a half marathon ( specifically the Boston run to remember in may)
4) Cook at least once a week. ( I have gotten sooooo lazy about taking out the pans and actually cooking, so i really want to get back to it...cause i like it.....but knowing i have a +p this semester..don't want to push it too much)
5) become a spinning certified instructor

so hear goes, I've said them out loud now its time to hold myself to it.
This should be an interesting year :)