Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Power perfect

I thought now would be a perfect time to update since I'm waiting for something to dissolve. If you think your life is interesting try waiting for something to dissolve for 2hrs....and it hasn't even happened yet.

So I'm officially in the second week of classes for my pre-recs for PT school. And I'm already feeling it. The biggest concern is finding enough time to work out, and focusing on nutrition enough to counter act any....need to sit on my ass all day and study biology so i can get an A days.

So far its been OK. I managed 1 trip to the gym on Saturday (because we got out early from bio lab) my mom and i did a circuit of my own making.
3 sets
Assisted pull ups
bicep curls
bench press
straight leg dead lifts
standing rows with triceps kick back
1 legged super man extensions - (side note: haven't done those in awhile and they killed...its funny cause you think something like taking your arms above our head and 1 leg out wouldn't be that hard...think of forming a T with your body...but holy moly....its not a position my body likes)

And Yesterday I went to group power with Laura. Awesome as usual and since it was an old release i was able to challenge myself a bit because the routine was not quite as familiar.

The hard part has been with the nutrition. I will admit to anyone that I am an emotion eater. I eat when I'm stress, and we aren't talking carrot sticks people. Though i feel that for everyday life i have managed to work through my cravings and problems with food and managed to reach a happy medium. I haven't been under this homework doing / have to work stress in awhile so its not something I've practiced. I've decided I'm just going to take it a day at a time and try to make the best choices for that day..stressed or not. but if i slip...which has happened (I'm thinking of the large dent in the cookies from this weekend) I'm not going to freak out about it and just try to do better next time.

I will say...the one great thing about having GI issues is when i do have a slip I end up paying for it for a few days. This one involved 2 full 3 days later and finally feeling relatively normal...and not completely disgusting and in pain...and i way less motivated to turn to large quantities of sweets. Because i don't want two more days of hell. Hey, whatever works....

tactics for this week...
don't be near the kitchen while studying.
Don't let yourself get too hungry....this doesn't help even under good circumstances.

that's all for now.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And so it begins

I had a wonderful labor day weekend. Spent most of it trying to downsize a bit from the recent move and figure out where everything needs to go. I am feeling good about the downsizing and definitely need to continue to work on that. No one needs 20 tee-shirts....even if i want them. I'm actually excited that the weather is turning cold cause then i can get rid of the summer shirts that i like but are technically really worn out or sort of out of style. Makes it easier when i know i won't want to wear them for 6months. As apposed to if next week.

In addition to resetting my life i cooked (see previous post) and did two work outs.
I did a small one on saturday -- only 1 circuit (i know, i'm slipping)

10 min warm up jog
3 rounds of 10 reps
- abs twist
- shoulder pull downs
- push ups --- with some variations
- weighted squats
- bosu squats

It was good but some days I just am not feeling it and i figured it was better to just stop then try and hurt myself out of a funk.

Then on monday i took group kick at forever fit with renee. Can i just say i love renee....there are few people that can pull off overly caffenated at 9:30am but she can and makes it fun.

Tonight my plan is to take Group Power (for the first time in 2months almost...i think i might cry) Because tomorrow school starts at mass bay...YIKES!!! I start with 3 hrs of statistics....woooo and then on saturday i have 8hrs of bio double woooooo. It should be interesting to see what sort of things i have to do, and kind of nervous about fitting it all in....

stay tuned... if i have any amazing time saving insights i'll let you know....

same goes for you people out there....suggestions welcome :0)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dinner try

The final product

I tried something new tonight in the dinner department.

I got the idea off of this blog

She has some really interesting food ideas and highly recommend checking it out. For tonight i tried my version of the zuchinni pasta.

Mine contained
Lean Ground turkey

a can of diced tomatos
oregeno, garlic, basil, thyme, red pepper flakes, paprika, black pepper, and a little salt.

To make the sauce you combine everything is a pan and cook it down. I added the seedy part of the zuchinni to the sauce too.....why not add some extra.
Everything cooking away

To make the "pasta" i used a veggie peeler to make strips of zuchinni, then cooked them on low for about 5 min in a wok.
Came out really good, though the next time i would make it a bit more coat the pasta bettter so it would feel more pasta like :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wicked Wednesdays

I had an awesome night last night with friend C. We met at BSC central square after work. And did a work out.

Details :

Started with trying to do 30 second sprints. I ended up going about 10min (around 1mile). Might I add I haven't actually run in awhile (2+months )so it wasn't pretty. At one point I actually managed to flick my ipod about a yard off the treadmill. It fell out of the case which went flying in opposite directions, and made a lovely noise.

It wasn't long after the ipod incident that i decided weights was a better idea.

I went for a couple short circuits cause i didn't really plan anything and its too hard to think up more then 2 or 3 exercises in a row.

#1 (10 reps of each X 3 rounds)

Kettle bell swings

bosu push ups

V - crunches on bosu --- side note : if you try these be prepared to tip over at least once. I did a couple times. You end up feeling foolish, but isn't engaging the core worth it. I think so.

leg on bosu round part squats with weights

#2 ( 10 reps of each X 3 rounds)
weighted Abs twist with cable machine

#3 ( 10 reps of each X 3 rounds)
box jumps (mid size )
standing rows

I was ready for some eats afterward.
So me and C headed to berryline in Harvard sq to get some "dinner". Yes i had frozen yogurt for dinner and not ashamed to admit it :0)
And let me tell you. It was totally perfect and hit the spot. Its been so hot here that I can't believe it. Its SEPTEMBER for christ sake!!!!

Anyways.. back to the yogurt. The thing i love about berryline is the fact that the yogurt tastes like Greek yogurt (tangy) and they have the best toppings. Yesterday was a strawberry kiwi gummy bear day. A perfect combo after a work out.

The only problem is now of course i want it again....shoot that wasn't supposed to happen.
i'll live :0)
bye for now