Monday, June 28, 2010

Jumped the gun

So in the previous post i was a bit high strung about not getting my paycheck direct deposit. Turns out did get paid...just the old fashioned way. The check was at the parental house....oops. Maybe need to chill out, maybe (just a little)

But anyways in other news had another workout with trainer C yesterday and my butt is still talking today.
Circuit 1 (3 times)
Squats ~ 100lbs
Walking Lungs
Stiff legged dead lifts
Crunchs on ball
arm and leg ball cruntchs on weight bench

Circuit 2 (2 times ....i think)
initally he wanted renagade rows (i was too tired)
so standing rows
push ups
biscep curls
tricep dips

I was dead..and then i met with the groove girls to practice (or run through the new release) so lets just say i was ready to pass out by the end. but always feels good to be pushed to the brink like that on occation.

I'm definitely going to enjoy the night off with the roomie and our "favorite" show...Bachelorette baby :0)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sooooo pissed

So i just figured out i didn't get paid this week cause my boss was slow. Little does he know i'm gonna get really annouying about the pay check approval from now on. Arg!!!!

Had some interesting work outs since I last wrote.

Yesterday with trainer C did some killer stuff.
Started with abs circuit
then did 10,9,8,7,6,5 of dead lifts and burpee box jumps

then did a variation of a filty fifty
50 air squats
25 push ups
25 jump pull ups
50 second row
25 wall balls w/ 8lbs ball

(the theoretical point was to go through it mare then once but didn't have time in the session)
i was dead at the end. Went to boston burger co on the way home...delish :0)

Today did something different (it was a light day but liked the circuit i did)
Sqauts with kettle bell
Kettle bell swing and toss with one hand
bicycle crunchs

did it three was good

and haven't done this one yet but i thought of a really good circuit to try
1 min sprint row
abs exercise of choice
30 air squats
bicept curls

and repeat - could be good to cambridge commons for dinner with some girls

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mod murph

So i'm a few days late, and i need to make this quick.
This past sunday trainer C challenged me to do a modified murph challenge for our session.

Lets start with the regular murph......its a crossfit thing if you're out there thinking who the heck is murph
1 mile run
10 rounds of
10 pull ups
20 push ups
30 airsquats
1 mile run

my head started to hurt even thinking about it
my murph challenge ended up being
30 burpees
9 rounds of
10 jumping pull ups
20 push ups (in a variety of forms...started on ground then worked up to off raised bar)
30 airsquats
1 mile run

lets just say its tuesday and my shoulders are still feeling it.

but man...makes you feel bad ass

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


For some reason yesterday I was so sleepy, so going to the gym was interesting.

First I had physical therapy and the weirdest thing happened. The PT put the stem (i think that's what its called) machine on. Granted this is something I've had done a bunch and it doesn't exactly feel good but it feels amazing after. Its like an ultra deep tissue massage with electricity. Your feet twitch uncontrollably and things tingle a lot. Fortunately its not as bad as the first time which actually kind of hurt. But anyways, I digress. So she put it on and somehow i managed to get a knot from it. Its like the machine started to work a knot out and didn't finish so it just became more pronounced. How annoying is that? I guess I'll just occupy myself at C's graduation by stretching :0) Not too bad.

After PT i had a workout with trainer C. It was good, really good. Especially since i was still kind of sore from Sunday. I'm honestly surprised i can move today.

2 rounds (legs)
- moving lungs with bicep curl and press above head
- squat thrusters
-squat jumps
-back presses
- reach across crunches on medicine ball

1 set - 1 legged dead lift squats (cause my calf's were still in knots at this point as didn't want to push it)

2 rounds
- renegade rows
- bur pee dead lifts (essentially bur pees with weights)

2 - 1 min sprints (250 meters +) on the row machine (I've definitely decided i like the row machine better then the treadmill for sprints in general. Obviously a completely differently target but not nearly as painful and really works the buns)

1 round
extended leg lifts off end of weight bench
extended ball crunches (did these Sunday too) off end of weight bench
sideways abs rotation using cable weights
ax choppers with cable weights

I was completely exhausted after that, so i went home and had some chicken burgers....yum. Wish i hadn't thrown away the packaging...bought them at BJs. No clue what they are called brand wise but tasty

Monday, June 7, 2010

Killer Circuit

OMG! I had a killer training session with trainer C. Still feeling it this morning while sitting at work. Which I always like but makes you not want to move AT ALL.

Went something like this.
Warm up -
cow pose ab crunches
and some other stuff which my brain is not wanting to remember...but if you wanted to repeat it just do a small warm up of sorts....maybe 10min. This is case in point why I should always blog the day of doing something.

Walking two handed kettle bell swings
Jump pull ups (jump up on bar and let self down as slow as you can)
Squat presses (Rest weighted bar in hands on chest, squat down, on up motion press bar over head, repeat)
Leg lifts on back (legs fully extended
Ab full crunches (extend both arms and legs flat, crunch into little ball, release and repeat)
Side crunches while doing opposite leg lifts (leg extended)
(2) 1min sprints on rowing machine. Target at least 250 meters, resistance between 8 and 10.

Did that twice and almost had to do it a third time, but got tricked and stopped after the jump pull ups

instead did.....
single leg squats w/ weights
knee tuck curl crunches with stability ball
stability ball V passes (for abs)

and then i went home to pass out. But it was fabulous. I like doing new circuit combos cause it gives me ideas for when I'm on my own. I do wish that the gym had kettle bells to use on your own since a lot of my favorite exercises use them...but c'est la vie.

not sure what I'm going to do today but we'll see. Might have a dinner post tonight...since its the bachelorette tonight :0) later

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday night fab

Hi all
I had another fabulous workout with trainer C yesterday.

2 rounds (40lbs first round / weight taken off after lungs and added for clean and press second round )
Step back lungs
Side step squats
Pulse squats (1st round) pulse bosu squats (2nd round)
Clean and press

2 rounds
Chest flies on blue ball
Chest presses on blue ball

2 rounds
standing slanted rows
V standing back presses
chest lifts a la super man
dead lifts

It was fab....shoulders on fire today

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

weekend workout

Hi Everyone...happy post memorial day :)
So not much to report. Have been meaning to put up this circuit i did on saturday (clearly I'm a few days behind....ooops)
So here we go
LEGS (3 rounds total)
5 min warm up arc machine (after first round did 2 min intervals)
Squats on nautilus
box jumps (10)
Glute lifts

ARMS (3 rounds total)
Biscep curls on bosu (15lb weight) (15reps)
Shoulder press ups on bosu (10lbs) (15 reps)
- both done standing on round side of bosu
Push ups on bosu (10 reps)
Sissor legs while sitting on bosu (not an arm excerise but i couldn't think of something else I wanted to do)

Abs (1.5 rounds total...sort of pooped out at the end....shit happens)
regular crunches feet on floor (20)
Crab crunchs (20)
Bicycles (40)
regular plank (personal count of 40)
side planks one for each (personal count of 30)

then i died. I find i tend to plan too much and then don't quite make it when i do stuff only on my own. any tips on planning a better overall workout? One thing i did do that was good was planned it on a sticky before i got to the gym. Definitely get alittle confused/ overwhelmed / tired when i have to plan as i go....not a good plan :0)

Have a good day!