Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I might be crazy but don't really care

Hi all
So i thought i'd do a quick post about my new obsesssion in the food world. And i have to say it might be the closest thing to a full post workout meal (if only it wasn't so small)

its actually babyfood (sort of ) I am minorly obsessed with stonyfield farms yo baby 3 in 1

It does have an odd consistency at first but it actually tastes pretty good, and get multiple food groups in a small amount of food. Probably tastes good too because its a bit less paired down (aka...artifically sweetened ) then most adult yogurts since its not like we should be giving that shit to our kids (not that i have any)

Have only tried the apple and sweet potato one thus far. Want to try the green bean pear... won't probably ever try the peach one cause i don't like peachs but you should go for it

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back from vacation

Hi everyone
so its been another long hiatous in the blog front. I was on vacation in aruba. It was fabulous though not much actual working out occured. Surprisingly enough actually just playing in the water (ocean) was a pretty good workout. It was very salty (or so it seemed) and as easy to tread water. Which of course works the arms and legs a bit. And just with the movement of the water you have to work to stay in one place. But it was fabulous.

Unfortunatly i can report much about the food. It was overall ok, but nothing to write home about.

Anyways. I've been back for a few days and getting back into the gym hitting.

Yesterday I did a crossfit style workout of the day (aka WOD) and i can feel it today

Format was
10 rounds of
10 thrusters and 10 pushups (for time...which i didn't do)
which i did (with some modifications when it became clear i wasn't gonna make it)
I probably did about 40 real push ups and then did modications in various forms (both on a incline and on knees)
For the thrusters I did 1 round with 55lbs bar (that i knew wasn't gonna happen again)
3 rounds with 45 lbs bar
6 rounds with 35 lbs bar

- i wanted to the 40 lb bar but i couldn't find it...damn disorganized bsc davis.

Its was good though. Then i cooled down with ~10 min walk/ jog on the treadmill. And today. Shoulders and back surprisingly not back...quads on FIRE
but good on fire.

Tonight i'm planning to go to spinning, so the quad problem could be interesting. But i love beths class so i'm going. Tough shit quads.

Hope you enjoy your tuesday

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ok, so i lazed out for awhile

Hello world,
So i admit it. I got lazy with the posting. I didn't all of sudden die or anything but trying to get back on the horse (so to speak) so here we go.

In an attempt to cut back on my finances I had to pretty much give up trainer C, but he might be making some guest apperances now and again because i'll full admit to having alittle personal training addiction :0)

Anyways, yesterdays work out.

Warm up - 5 min jog on treadmill

First Circuit (abs of death) (3 rounds)
"pilates" crunchs set of 10 w/ 10lb med ball instead of ring (also done on inclined bench )
side to side twists set of 20 total (10 per side) w/ 10lb med ball (also on incline)
8 piked leg lifts from hanging position
10 (not sure what to call them but the thing for your back that makes you look like an upsidedown V)

Second Circuit (3 rounds)
1 leg bosu push ups ( 5 per leg)
kettle bell sq (aka prisoner squats) 40lb kettle bell (15 reps)
bicep curl to shoulder press while standing on bosu round side (12.5lbs, set of 10)

third circuit (3 rounds)
Chest flies on stability ball (12.5lbs , set of 10)
kettle bell swings ( ~20lbs...don't remember...set of 10)

cool down...hill walk on treadmill

It was a good one...and feeling it today. Word to the wise the whole thing especially the abs is very back just be careful and listen to your body. But the end my back was telling me to stop so i did... and definitely feeling it today.


thats it for now...promise it won't be a month before my next one