Tuesday, June 1, 2010

weekend workout

Hi Everyone...happy post memorial day :)
So not much to report. Have been meaning to put up this circuit i did on saturday (clearly I'm a few days behind....ooops)
So here we go
LEGS (3 rounds total)
5 min warm up arc machine (after first round did 2 min intervals)
Squats on nautilus
box jumps (10)
Glute lifts

ARMS (3 rounds total)
Biscep curls on bosu (15lb weight) (15reps)
Shoulder press ups on bosu (10lbs) (15 reps)
- both done standing on round side of bosu
Push ups on bosu (10 reps)
Sissor legs while sitting on bosu (not an arm excerise but i couldn't think of something else I wanted to do)

Abs (1.5 rounds total...sort of pooped out at the end....shit happens)
regular crunches feet on floor (20)
Crab crunchs (20)
Bicycles (40)
regular plank (personal count of 40)
side planks one for each (personal count of 30)

then i died. I find i tend to plan too much and then don't quite make it when i do stuff only on my own. any tips on planning a better overall workout? One thing i did do that was good was planned it on a sticky before i got to the gym. Definitely get alittle confused/ overwhelmed / tired when i have to plan as i go....not a good plan :0)

Have a good day!

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