Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday night ass kicking

Hi all,
just got back from workout with trainer C. It was a goody.
Here we go:
Before we met did some leg stretches and 5 min on the elliptical (low intensity setting)
then the fun begins
started with squats on slanted squat machine (no weights....though the machine is pretty heavy anyways)
-2 min on giant stairs medium setting
back to squats with some weight
squats with feet together (worked the outside of the butt...don't know name of muscle....but fabulous workout)
-2 min on giant stairs (started medium setting went to high for 30 seconds....lowered setting then did every other set for 1 min)
squat with feet wide to work inner thigh
moved to back lift machine worked butt and hamstring (trick is to round back.... takes pressure off back and lower to hamstrings)
from table top position pushed leg backward using hamstring machine for weight
then back to previous
moved to mat repeat set twice --- bridge pose (aka hip thrusters)
alternating side crunch twist and leg lift with straight leg
bicycle crunches
plank for 1 min

on to upper body
on stability ball
chest presses
chest fly

assisted chin ups
single leg ups on bench (going from lung position to balanced on one leg one bench with knee up)

back to chest presses / fly / assisted chin ups
regular squat jumps

shoulder presses
side shoulder raises
supported push ups

shoulder presses
side shoulder raises
front shoulder raises

ok.... i think i got it all. Clearly its good that I'm writing this down cause otherwise there is no way I'd remember it (i mean who would remember that) Hope it made sense.... not good with the technical names (obviously) so feel free to ask if unclear

now that I've enjoyed my post workout odwalla super protein chocolate smoothie....time to make some broccoli


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