Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Friday

What a day. First my computer at work contracted a virus. So i spend most of the day stareing at the way...sounds like fun right? So i had lots of time to think and do fun errands like call my insurance company and set up my voice mail. I did have fun this morning making my food for the day. Here was my morning snack

and breakfast

Which was a variation of the green monster (Biochem chocolate protien powder, scoop of pb, spinach and banana...with almond milk) completely delicious. I always feel like I eat alot of food but looking back on what it is (mostly fruits and veggies)
*folks let me tell me....thus far the easiest way for weight maintainance eat mostly fruits, veggies and protien trust me you'll feel full and statisfied...i bet you an apple :0)

after a bit more of waiting lunch/ snack / and pre-gym meal came and went

Had an awesome session with C at the gym. I was admittedly nervous to start with a new trainer but geez he kicked my ass. Session started with a super set of core with leg extensions, leg lifts, crisscross crunches and back lifts. Then moved to legs. Did interesting thing with doing strength moves (walking lungs) and power moves (lung jumps) It was a really tough way to do it and killed. Will definitely be doing it again. And finished with pushup, body panck pull ups, pull downs and chest flys...wooooh. I'll be feeling it tomorrow. But its so satifying after a really tough workout to look back and go "damn I did that...i'm awesome" so great to feel powerful.

Had dinner with S+P and peps at John Harvards..tasty, good friends and good chatting.

And on that note i'm going to bed before i completely pass out.

Later gaitor

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