Monday, June 7, 2010

Killer Circuit

OMG! I had a killer training session with trainer C. Still feeling it this morning while sitting at work. Which I always like but makes you not want to move AT ALL.

Went something like this.
Warm up -
cow pose ab crunches
and some other stuff which my brain is not wanting to remember...but if you wanted to repeat it just do a small warm up of sorts....maybe 10min. This is case in point why I should always blog the day of doing something.

Walking two handed kettle bell swings
Jump pull ups (jump up on bar and let self down as slow as you can)
Squat presses (Rest weighted bar in hands on chest, squat down, on up motion press bar over head, repeat)
Leg lifts on back (legs fully extended
Ab full crunches (extend both arms and legs flat, crunch into little ball, release and repeat)
Side crunches while doing opposite leg lifts (leg extended)
(2) 1min sprints on rowing machine. Target at least 250 meters, resistance between 8 and 10.

Did that twice and almost had to do it a third time, but got tricked and stopped after the jump pull ups

instead did.....
single leg squats w/ weights
knee tuck curl crunches with stability ball
stability ball V passes (for abs)

and then i went home to pass out. But it was fabulous. I like doing new circuit combos cause it gives me ideas for when I'm on my own. I do wish that the gym had kettle bells to use on your own since a lot of my favorite exercises use them...but c'est la vie.

not sure what I'm going to do today but we'll see. Might have a dinner post tonight...since its the bachelorette tonight :0) later

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