Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sooooo pissed

So i just figured out i didn't get paid this week cause my boss was slow. Little does he know i'm gonna get really annouying about the pay check approval from now on. Arg!!!!

Had some interesting work outs since I last wrote.

Yesterday with trainer C did some killer stuff.
Started with abs circuit
then did 10,9,8,7,6,5 of dead lifts and burpee box jumps

then did a variation of a filty fifty
50 air squats
25 push ups
25 jump pull ups
50 second row
25 wall balls w/ 8lbs ball

(the theoretical point was to go through it mare then once but didn't have time in the session)
i was dead at the end. Went to boston burger co on the way home...delish :0)

Today did something different (it was a light day but liked the circuit i did)
Sqauts with kettle bell
Kettle bell swing and toss with one hand
bicycle crunchs

did it three was good

and haven't done this one yet but i thought of a really good circuit to try
1 min sprint row
abs exercise of choice
30 air squats
bicept curls

and repeat - could be good to cambridge commons for dinner with some girls

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