Monday, June 28, 2010

Jumped the gun

So in the previous post i was a bit high strung about not getting my paycheck direct deposit. Turns out did get paid...just the old fashioned way. The check was at the parental house....oops. Maybe need to chill out, maybe (just a little)

But anyways in other news had another workout with trainer C yesterday and my butt is still talking today.
Circuit 1 (3 times)
Squats ~ 100lbs
Walking Lungs
Stiff legged dead lifts
Crunchs on ball
arm and leg ball cruntchs on weight bench

Circuit 2 (2 times ....i think)
initally he wanted renagade rows (i was too tired)
so standing rows
push ups
biscep curls
tricep dips

I was dead..and then i met with the groove girls to practice (or run through the new release) so lets just say i was ready to pass out by the end. but always feels good to be pushed to the brink like that on occation.

I'm definitely going to enjoy the night off with the roomie and our "favorite" show...Bachelorette baby :0)

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