Wednesday, June 9, 2010


For some reason yesterday I was so sleepy, so going to the gym was interesting.

First I had physical therapy and the weirdest thing happened. The PT put the stem (i think that's what its called) machine on. Granted this is something I've had done a bunch and it doesn't exactly feel good but it feels amazing after. Its like an ultra deep tissue massage with electricity. Your feet twitch uncontrollably and things tingle a lot. Fortunately its not as bad as the first time which actually kind of hurt. But anyways, I digress. So she put it on and somehow i managed to get a knot from it. Its like the machine started to work a knot out and didn't finish so it just became more pronounced. How annoying is that? I guess I'll just occupy myself at C's graduation by stretching :0) Not too bad.

After PT i had a workout with trainer C. It was good, really good. Especially since i was still kind of sore from Sunday. I'm honestly surprised i can move today.

2 rounds (legs)
- moving lungs with bicep curl and press above head
- squat thrusters
-squat jumps
-back presses
- reach across crunches on medicine ball

1 set - 1 legged dead lift squats (cause my calf's were still in knots at this point as didn't want to push it)

2 rounds
- renegade rows
- bur pee dead lifts (essentially bur pees with weights)

2 - 1 min sprints (250 meters +) on the row machine (I've definitely decided i like the row machine better then the treadmill for sprints in general. Obviously a completely differently target but not nearly as painful and really works the buns)

1 round
extended leg lifts off end of weight bench
extended ball crunches (did these Sunday too) off end of weight bench
sideways abs rotation using cable weights
ax choppers with cable weights

I was completely exhausted after that, so i went home and had some chicken burgers....yum. Wish i hadn't thrown away the packaging...bought them at BJs. No clue what they are called brand wise but tasty

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