Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!
I everyone so I hope that the new year (all 12 hrs of it has started off to a good start) I know that 2010 brought lots of self realizations and discoveries. So I am hoping that 2011 keeps the trend upward to a happy healthier me.

I went back and forth about weather to post actual resolutions....cause saying them out loud makes its a little scary cause then people know if you don't do them. But after some thought i decided that if i don't put them in writing I really won't do them, and i admit them and don't accomplish them I won't be the first person. So here goes.

since I'm new to this i kept it to 5
1) Blog at least once a week. (since i have trouble blogging once a month I figure if i up the anti a little at a time)
2) Go to yoga 3 times a month. (since I'm trying to blog once a week this should be easy to keep track of)
3) Run a half marathon ( specifically the Boston run to remember in may)
4) Cook at least once a week. ( I have gotten sooooo lazy about taking out the pans and actually cooking, so i really want to get back to it...cause i like it.....but knowing i have a +p this semester..don't want to push it too much)
5) become a spinning certified instructor

so hear goes, I've said them out loud now its time to hold myself to it.
This should be an interesting year :)

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