Thursday, January 6, 2011

Travel day, and Happy Birthday to me :)

Good morning,
Today was not the best start to my 28th year, but I made it. Basically I over slept. Which the OCD person in me hates to do but my phone decided it wanted to search for voice dialing instead of let the alarm go off, so i got two hours more of sleep. there are worse things in life.
Fortunately I woke up in time to get a ride in with my dad, otherwise i would have been very tempted to not go at all. I am actually leaving work in half an hour for the airport. WOOHOO! Because this weekend S and P are getting married. So I'm spending the weekend in new Orleans. Can you tell I'm pretty excited. If you're lucky i might post a picture of me in a Saree. Looking fabulous.
In other news. I actually had a slightly dumb moment when i realized i cook a lot more then I give myself credit for. Since i make my lunch almost every day. I guess I don't consider it cooking to make a salad cause its not hot. But if I made a salad for dinner with the fam, I think i would count it. So I'm re-vamping the goal a little and into trying to cook something hot once a week. Be it breakfast (mmmmm, steel cut oats....lunch, grilled cheese or dinner) but it is still nice to whip out a pan once and awhile. This week I actually make dinner for the oldie and myself. We had these turkey meatballs from trader joes and I made my version of meat ball subs. We didn't exactly have the right ingredients so it wasn't perfect. But still warm and tasty. No pans used....microwave and toaster over friendly. (and still totally counts)

anyways. going to wrap up at work and head out (might stop for fro-yo before i get on the train...that's sounding quite tasty at the moment.)

:) t

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