Thursday, January 20, 2011

First "long" run in the bag :)

So I officially commenced with the half marathon training yesterday, and boy did it feel good. I haven't figured out an exact schedule yet, but the plan is to do 2 days of running at least, 1 day of step aerobics and 1 day of yoga...time permitting I'm planning on throwing in a day of intervals and weights...I really have to see how the work load is for anatomy and physiology first.

But yesterday I began.
I decided I wanted to do at least 3miles to start off....since I've done that distance a bunch of times its not a huge stretch to start there. The idea of adding 10miles to my stamina is a little scary but I'll get there.

So I did a treadmill workout yesterday
Ran 3miles (speed between 5.6 and 6.0)
after the three miles continued with walking 1 min, run 1min (6.5 i think...or 6.0 don't remember ) (oops) and did that for the equivalent of .5miles about. Then i power walked up hill for the round out to 4miles. (5 incline, 4.5 speed ...i think) Typical me didn't write down so i don't fully remember...but that's close.

Did all of that in about 50 min...which isn't bad especially since i always seem to go slower on the treadmill. And I'm having a much more slow and steady mentality then a speed mentality for this training. I'll save the speed for the 5Ks :)

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