Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm alive....I swear

Hi All,
so i'm finally back from the living dead. And biology didn't kill me...thank goodness.

I had to let pretty much everything "fun" take a back seat while i learned all there is to know about the cell....ok not quite but i did have to learn a bit.

So now that i'm back I figured i'd post todays work out
Warm up 1.5 miles on treadmill. I varied speed and hill a bit.....finished in around 15 min. (not sure cause didn't look.

Next was ads.
set of 20 pilates style inclined sit ups (used 10lb weight instead of pilates ring)
10 each twists
10 straight leged hanging leg lifts
20 back extensions.....
did 2 rounds total

Next did arms
10 tricept dips with feet on ball
15 bench presses *45lb bar*
10 shoulder presses...used both 15 and 10 lb weights
15 bent over standing rows (40lb bar)
did three rounds all together

lastly was legs....oh yeh...those.
30 over the tops on a bosu
15 squats (20kg)
15/leg lungs (10kg plate held in front)
15 dead lifts *20kg*

i did two rounds of that...
then i was about ready to die so i went home...
all in all a very sucessful work out.

gonna try a new yoga class tomorrow since in theory i'll be too sore to do much else

later peps

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