Thursday, February 3, 2011

How'd I do/ :January edition

I thought since a new month has begun I'd see how I'm doing on my goals for this year thus far. I feel like you have to keep checking back on goals you actually care about because otherwise its easy to get lazy and have long periods of time go by with nothing productive happen.

So blogging - definitely haven't kept to the once a week but did manage 5 posts last that's something in it self. I'll take it....change is all about the baby steps

Cooking - dinner construction wise.. yeah that hasn't been happening. There has been next to no pan usage for dinner menus. Damn. Its a hard one to fit in. Most nights I am just too tired and busy, and the nights that I would have time...I'm out or don't get home in time to cook for everyone..then motivation goes out the window.
In other news...I'm becoming the pro with the cold food prep. I've been really good with rocking hand made lunch's and breakfasts, pretty consistently for the month (helps that I'm trying to be a frugal fanny in addition)

Running - the 1/2 marathon training is underway. I have 2 long runs under my belt. On the docket for this week is 5 miler. Yikes!!!!! the worst part is its gonna be on a treadmill.. Running outside in this weather is a bit too hard core for me at the moment. I keep hoping it will but even as we speak its snowing....what the crap.!
I'm not worried about it yet until i have to be going for well over an hr. then my head might explode with boredom. We'll see.

Yoga - also hasn't been great...not helped by major cough for two weeks. Finally feeling normalish so plan to go to Friday fun bunch yoga at prana....we'll see.

Spinning - on hold till summer

Lets see what the next month holds.

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