Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wicked Wednesdays

I had an awesome night last night with friend C. We met at BSC central square after work. And did a work out.

Details :

Started with trying to do 30 second sprints. I ended up going about 10min (around 1mile). Might I add I haven't actually run in awhile (2+months )so it wasn't pretty. At one point I actually managed to flick my ipod about a yard off the treadmill. It fell out of the case which went flying in opposite directions, and made a lovely noise.

It wasn't long after the ipod incident that i decided weights was a better idea.

I went for a couple short circuits cause i didn't really plan anything and its too hard to think up more then 2 or 3 exercises in a row.

#1 (10 reps of each X 3 rounds)

Kettle bell swings

bosu push ups

V - crunches on bosu --- side note : if you try these be prepared to tip over at least once. I did a couple times. You end up feeling foolish, but isn't engaging the core worth it. I think so.

leg on bosu round part squats with weights

#2 ( 10 reps of each X 3 rounds)
weighted Abs twist with cable machine

#3 ( 10 reps of each X 3 rounds)
box jumps (mid size )
standing rows

I was ready for some eats afterward.
So me and C headed to berryline in Harvard sq to get some "dinner". Yes i had frozen yogurt for dinner and not ashamed to admit it :0)
And let me tell you. It was totally perfect and hit the spot. Its been so hot here that I can't believe it. Its SEPTEMBER for christ sake!!!!

Anyways.. back to the yogurt. The thing i love about berryline is the fact that the yogurt tastes like Greek yogurt (tangy) and they have the best toppings. Yesterday was a strawberry kiwi gummy bear day. A perfect combo after a work out.

The only problem is now of course i want it again....shoot that wasn't supposed to happen.
i'll live :0)
bye for now

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