Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I might be crazy but don't really care

Hi all
So i thought i'd do a quick post about my new obsesssion in the food world. And i have to say it might be the closest thing to a full post workout meal (if only it wasn't so small)

its actually babyfood (sort of ) I am minorly obsessed with stonyfield farms yo baby 3 in 1

It does have an odd consistency at first but it actually tastes pretty good, and get multiple food groups in a small amount of food. Probably tastes good too because its a bit less paired down (aka...artifically sweetened ) then most adult yogurts since its not like we should be giving that shit to our kids (not that i have any)

Have only tried the apple and sweet potato one thus far. Want to try the green bean pear... won't probably ever try the peach one cause i don't like peachs but you should go for it

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