Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And so it begins

I had a wonderful labor day weekend. Spent most of it trying to downsize a bit from the recent move and figure out where everything needs to go. I am feeling good about the downsizing and definitely need to continue to work on that. No one needs 20 tee-shirts....even if i want them. I'm actually excited that the weather is turning cold cause then i can get rid of the summer shirts that i like but are technically really worn out or sort of out of style. Makes it easier when i know i won't want to wear them for 6months. As apposed to if next week.

In addition to resetting my life i cooked (see previous post) and did two work outs.
I did a small one on saturday -- only 1 circuit (i know, i'm slipping)

10 min warm up jog
3 rounds of 10 reps
- abs twist
- shoulder pull downs
- push ups --- with some variations
- weighted squats
- bosu squats

It was good but some days I just am not feeling it and i figured it was better to just stop then try and hurt myself out of a funk.

Then on monday i took group kick at forever fit with renee. Can i just say i love renee....there are few people that can pull off overly caffenated at 9:30am but she can and makes it fun.

Tonight my plan is to take Group Power (for the first time in 2months almost...i think i might cry) Because tomorrow school starts at mass bay...YIKES!!! I start with 3 hrs of statistics....woooo and then on saturday i have 8hrs of bio double woooooo. It should be interesting to see what sort of things i have to do, and kind of nervous about fitting it all in....

stay tuned... if i have any amazing time saving insights i'll let you know....

same goes for you people out there....suggestions welcome :0)

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